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Anugerah Abadi Bersama – Profile

What is Anugerah Abadi Bersama ?


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In broad, CV Anugerah Abadi Bersama is an online supermarket. We sells the freshest and best product which carries the farm to table view from farmers directly to buyers. In the first place we build unity with local farmers as partners. In addition, liable for giving study in the hope that farmers are able to yield products with great quality. Not only that, we also educate about product packaging in order to keep the trust of buyers.
Currently, the firm has sent its product to local markets, supermarketsexport to Singapore.

The Mission

To begin with, the firm was built in September 2020. With attention to allot the best quality Indonesian product over Indonesia and globally.

The Vision

Meanwhile, the vision is that in sync with Indonesian farmers, raise the potency of Indonesian products globaly. Therefore ultimately bloom the farmers so that Indonesian products can be counted globally.

Anugerah Abadi Bersama People


As a matter of fact, the firm was founded by adept and truly passionate people in producing and supporting the distribution of Indonesia’s best products. Also, we are constant learners who thrive on change and strive to make an impact in all we do. We really passionate about doing our part to make Indonesian products known to the world. Not to mention, we sells high quality products, great value and great service.

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